Lhoknga beach is good tourism in Aceh

Lhoknga beach is one of the attractions most visited Acehnese people, especially on Sundays. This beach is located on the edge of the highway Banda Aceh-Calang (Aceh Jaya). From the beach looks a Andalas cement plant which was badly damaged by the tsunami wave hit. Near the cement factory, there are limestone mountains, the chalk is used as the main raw material of cement production.
Administratively, Lampuuk Beach located in the District Lhoknga, so it is actually a bit ambiguous to distinguish between Lampuuk Beach and Beach Lhoknga. However, most people are there to give the title 'Lhoknga beach' for the area behind the Golf Lhoknga down to the waterfront park after Semen Andalas plant complex.
The designation for a segment devoted Lampuuk Beach beach that stretches from Babah Babah One to Four. Although the beach is adjacent to the second position, but both have their respective advantages.
If now synonymous with leisure Lampuuk beach Banana Boat and culinary grilled fish, it is better known Lhoknga Beach Golf Course, Surfing and fishing activity. Especially for surfing, surf beach Lhoknga big and fierce had been known among the international surfing community.
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Generally, surfers know there are two different types of waves in certain months in Lampuuk. June to November in the current season with the famous West wind surf beaches (beach break), whereas in the month of December to May, when the East wind blows famous surf reef (reef break).
The surfers also know there are five points that can be climbed waves surfers in Lampuuk. The first is 'Left Hander Point', ie the waves left within 300 meters from the beach which is very suitable for those new to surfing.
The second is 'Fir Right Point', namely the right waves is about 300 meters from the beach. Both of these points become a favorite spot for surfers of Sakura Japanese origin.
Furthermore, 'Peak Point' ie left and right waves within 300 meters from the beach. Strong currents make the surfers have to be careful here.
A local surfer who died when the 2004 tsunami named Suri immortalized as the name of the fourth point, the 'Suri Point' within 200 meters from the beach. During his life, Suri is a specialist at this point. Lastly, 'Out Side Right Hander' ie the right waves within 500 meters of the beach which has strong currents and dangerous.
Beach with a distance of approximately 22 kilometers from Banda Aceh is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset. Atmosphere afternoon in Lhoknga noticeably more quiet and peaceful.
Lhok Nga famous beach with white sand. Diverse white coral and snails can be found in beach sand. On this beach visitors can perform a variety of leisure options, such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling and surfing. The waves are very suitable beaches for surfing, as it can reach a height of up to three meters. Especially for visitors who want to swim, it is necessary to know the forbidden zone where the waves are too dangerous vortex. If no sign is written on the forbidden zone, visitors can ask members in the coastal rescue tower supervisor or to the people who sell around the coast. For women who want to swim, required to wear clothing that covers the nakedness (not open).
In the afternoon the beach atmosphere noticeably quieter and comfortable. Visitors can witness the beauty of the sunset full of charm.
Lhok Nga beach located on the west coast of Aceh at the tip of Sumatra Island. It is located in the district of Lhoknga, Aceh Besar. Lampuuk location adjacent to the coast and can be reached through the Banda Aceh - Calang.
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Towards Access Locations
Distance of the beach location with the city of Banda Aceh, the provincial capital about 22 km. From Banda Aceh can be reached by private vehicle within approximately 25 minutes. If the ride public transportation, namely labi-labi (public transportation) department Banda Aceh-Lhoknga (labi-labi no. 4), can be taken approximately 40 minutes.
Ticket prices are still in the confirmation.
Accommodations and Other Facilities
Currently there is no accommodation around the coast. Different from the condition before the tsunami are widely available cottages (venue) for visitors. On the beach there is a rental location surfboard. For business meals, visitors do not need to be confused. Along the coast line the food stalls and cafes that sell a variety of food and beverages.
You are new to being a newlywed and want to find a place for honeymooners, could be an alternative Lhoknga beach looking for a romantic place. Being on this beach while accompanied by the sea breeze in the afternoon and the sky began to dim light made the atmosphere was romantic.

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Lhoknga beach is good tourism in Aceh
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