Rubiah island, Aceh, Enjoy Snorkeling and Diving documentation
Aceh province actually has to be proud of tourist attractions, one of which is the island Rubiah. Rubiah island on the western tip of Sumatra island, offers the charm of underwater beauty. The island has an area of ​​approximately 26 hectares. Because the charm of the wealth of underwater marine park Rubiah or the Sea Garden of Rubiah dubbed as paradise for divers.
Rubiah island is part of the City of Sabang, precisely located in the northwest of the island of Weh. The island is only about 250 meters from the beach Iboih Aceh. In the heyday of the Kingdom of Aceh, Rubiah Island is a place of transit for pilgrims, and during World War II the island is a stronghold, which is still visible ruins of the fortress. But today, as the development of a world tour, Pulau Rubiah used as a tourist destination for divers.
Rubiah island with sea garden offers the charm of the beauty of the underwater world can be fascinating for anyone who visit it. You will find a wide variety of species of tropical fish such as angel fish, gigantic clams, school of parrot fish, lion fish and so on. There are also various types of coral reefs. To be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, you do not have to have a diving license. Because on this island, there are many safe diving spots used for diving for beginners or divers who do not have a license. documentation
Aside from being a tourist destination, the island of Rubiah is a marine research. There are 15 species of marine life which is protected by the Indonesian government. Having tired of diving or snorkeling, you can pamper your stomach at the food stalls are the only ones on the island. For the problem of facilities and accommodation, Rubiah island is still very minimal, because the island is still inhabited.
Rubiah island located on the island of Weh, Aceh, Sumatra.
To reach the island Rubiah, you can route from Banda Aceh towards Pulau Weh by using the ferry or fast boat. The time taken when using the ferry about 90 minutes, for a fast boat only takes about 45 minutes. Arriving in Pulau Weh, you can continue the journey to get to the island Rubiah by motor boat which takes about 20 minutes. documentation
Facilities and Accommodation
Although it is a popular tourist destination, but Rubiah Marine Park is still very low for the facilities and accommodation problems. There is only one food stalls, a diving and snorkeling gear rental and boat rental place that can be used for diving or snorkeling.

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Rubiah island, Aceh, Enjoy Snorkeling and Diving
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